Prolong the Life of an Air Conditioner

16 Oct
air conditioner

Take care of your a/c unit and it will keep you cooler longer

It is great living in sunny Southwest Florida as we rarely have to deal with freezing temperatures and can enjoy warm weather most of the year.

Central air conditioning keeps us comfortable in our homes, when dining out, shopping, etc.

When the central air conditioning unit goes on the fritz, it can be extremely uncomfortable as the heat builds up in your home or business.

Did you know that in the long run, it is far more inexpensive to maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis then to replace or repair it? Leading air conditioning manufacturers say that proper maintenance of your a/c unit can really prolong its life while neglecting to maintain your ac unit will cause it to lose about 5% efficiency each year.

Another benefit of maintaining your air conditioner regularly is that it is less likely to stop working. Between air conditioning maintenance visits there are some things you can do to help prolong the life of your a/c unit.

Many people try to hide their air conditioner condenser with plants and shrubs but you should keep shrubs and plants cut back from your a/c unit (about 3 feet) because it needs sufficient air flow around all sides to run efficiently.

Change the filter regularly to prolong the life of your a/c plus this will filter the air more effectively. Set your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable. For example, try setting the temperature higher during the day when you are working or running errands and then lower it at night when you are home or sleeping. This will save energy and less wear and tear on your a/c unit.

Close the blinds or keep them half open during the hottest time of the day to keep the sun out and your air conditioner will run less often. Taking good care of your air conditioner will help it last longer, run more efficiently and most likely save you the inconvenience of a break down when it is hot outside.

RDS has a very affordable air conditioning maintenance package for residents of SWFL.

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