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Preparing your air conditioner for the winter – Yes, you need to even in Florida!

14 Nov
woman who is cold

Call RDS Air Conditioning to check your unit before it gets cold outside so you don’t have to feel cold inside when the temperature drops!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and although living in Florida, we have the luxury of enjoying warm weather most of the year, there can be times when the thermostat drops to very cold levels.   In colder states, many people winterize their air conditioners because they will not be using them all winter.  In Florida many of us alternate between running the air conditioner and heat (during cold spells).

This is the perfect time of  year to have your unit checked so that it will be running at peak performance when you are using the a/c or heat.   Making sure your unit is cleaned so air can flow freely is important.  There should be nothing blocking the air flow to the outside unit such as shrubs or debris.  Your unit should be checked for damage and it is  a good idea to have your casing and coils checked for any cracks or leaks?

It can be very uncomfortable when the temperature is down in the 30’s or 40’s and you turn on your heat and it isn’t working properly.   If you are cold and your heat isn’t working, here are some tips to keep warm.

  • Spend most of your time in a smaller room in your home as it will be warmer then a large room.
  • If you have curtains, close them to keep out the draft and open them when the sun is shining.
  • Put a rug down on a bare floor to keep in heat.
  • Dress warmly and wear something on your head (much heat is lost through the head).
  • Snuggle with your significant other or pet to stay warm.
  • Go visit someone you know who has heat.

You can avoid having to do all of these things if you have your unit checked so that it will be ready to provide the comfort you want in hot or cold weather.  If you live in Southwest Florida, RDS Air Conditioning is standing by to check your unit so that it will be working properly when you want heat or cool air.