Lightening strikes and your A/C unit, are you prepared?

8 Jan

Lightening strikes

Lightening is a huge electrostatic discharge due to unbalanced electric charge in the air. At the peak of a regular thunderstorm, three or more strikes per minute can be produced and a cloud to ground lightening strike can be up to three miles long.

Electrical appliances inside and outside your home can be damaged by lightening. Have you considered how vulnerable your outside central air conditioning unit is to lightening? Florida has many storms especially in the summer when most part time residents have gone home. The inside of your a/c unit can be severely damaged if hit by lightening or sustains a power surge.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover some of the parts that need to be replaced but sometimes the condenser, fan or motor will stop working months later after the initial lightening strike and this may not be covered. A way to protect your a/c unit when you are home or out of town is by having a storm protector professionally installed. A storm or surge protector on your air conditioning unit will greatly lower the risk of damage from a storm.

RDS is having a special until 2/28/13 on installing a lightening/storm protector on your a/c unit. This special includes a lightening/surge protector, hard start kit and system inspection all for only $149. Avoid a/c problems and have piece of mind during a storm when you are in Florida or away with this protection for your air conditioning unit.

Don’t settle for less, use RDS!


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