A Cool Garage Space

26 Jan

Living in Florida, garage space is hot and stuffy most of the time.  Many people have more garage then is needed or do not utilize that space to its full capacity because of the sweltering heat.  How many of you could use some extra work space? Maybe you have a hobby or make crafts but have never thought about turning your garage into an area where you can have your own space to work on projects and create things.

Here are some other creative ways people can use a garage space:

  • Yoga area
  • Home gym
  • Office space
  • Sewing space
  • Game room
  • Man cave/woman cave
  • Art studio
  • Build a climbing wall
  • Play area

As you can see there are many ways a garage can be used. So, what about the sweltering heat? RDS has a handy air conditioning unit that we can install in your garage to keep it cool all year long. You will be the envy of your friends when they see your cool garage space and how creative you have been to fix it up and how comfortable it is with your new a/c unit.

Call RDS Air Conditioning and take the first step in having an a/c unit installed in your garage so that you can create your ultimate garage space. By the way, this unit is more affordable then you may think.





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