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Your A/C Unit Needs Spring Cleaning Too!

3 Mar
half cleaned a/c unit

Don’t forget: Spring Cleaning for your A/C unit too

Air Conditioning Cleaning

March 20, 2013 is the first day of spring and we have survived another Florida winter. Although milder than most of the country, we did experience a few very cold days (compared to the usual for our area). Many of our seasonal residents will be leaving soon so this is a great time for your air conditioner’s annual maintenance¬†service.

Most of us have been switching between cooling and heating (depending on the temperature outside) and now that spring is almost here, we will soon be running the a/c almost every day. There are many parts to your air conditioning unit that need to be cleaned and checked to make sure your a/c unit will work properly all summer long.

There is nothing more uncomfortable then your a/c unit not working when it is the middle of the night or weekend and it is extremely hot outside. If you sign up for the RDS Maintenance Agreement, you will receive priority service if your a/c unit stops working and we will give your a/c unit a tune up and cleaning that will prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and keep it running efficiently.

If you will soon be closing up your home and going north, this is the perfect time for an a/c maintenance service so that everything can be cleaned and tuned up before you leave.

Here are some reasons for a regular a/c maintenance routine:

Regular maintenance keeps your unit functioning at full capacity

Regular maintenance (once or twice a year) can help avoid major expense or having to replace an a/c unit altogether (a little TLC goes a long way)

An a/c unit will burn more electric if not running efficiently and a check up will make sure your a/c unit is not using more electricity then what is needed

Air conditioning maintenance only needs to be done once or twice a year to allow you to enjoy an efficient running unit all year long. Don’t wait until you have a/c trouble that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Don’t settle for less use RDS! ¬†Visit our website.