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Life Before Air Conditioning

15 May
sweating without a/c

A tuned a/c unit runs more efficiently!

When it’s hot outside many of us just walk into our homes or a business and almost instantly the cool air starts cooling us down. We don’t even think about it, right?

Well, think about what it would be like without air conditioning.   Here are some cool facts about life without air conditioning.

Before air conditioning:

  • Many industrial workers had the entire month of August off because it would be too hot to work inside.
  • The government would shut down during summer months and re-open when it became cooler outside. Many people blame the invention of the air conditioner on government bureaucracy because with the ability to cool the room, they could stay in session through summer months and have longer sessions.
  • Archetcture and design of buildings have changed.  Brick, breezeways and sleeping porches were designed into homes and buildings to help keep people cool. Many modern structures would be unbearable without air conditioning in the summer.
  • When hospitals became air conditioned, the cool air helped patients with diseases and new born babies live longer by decreasing bacteria and advancing surgical technologies.
  • There was no effect of a/c on education.  Although school would let out for the summer due to the sweltering heat, when air conditioning came along, schools were still out of session during summer months.

So, next time you walk out of the heat into a nicely air conditioned area, remember how far we have advanced over the years with daily comforts.

Another good thing to remember is that your air conditioner should be checked out twice a year so that you can continue to enjoy the cool, all summer long without interruption.

A cleaned and tuned a/c unit runs more efficiently and uses less electricity. Call RDS Air Conditioning today and we will gladly come to your home or business to tune up and clean your a/c unit.