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Do You have a Leaking Air Conditioner?

8 Jun
clean and dirty a/c units

How do you want your a/c unit to look and run? An efficient a/c unit costs less to run.

Summer is right around the corner and especially in Florida, the heat can be relentless.  The cool comfort of an air conditioned home or business provides quick relief from a sweltering Florida summer day.

So, what happens when your a/c unit starts leaking?  Will that jeapordize your comfort?

A leaking air conditioner is a common complaint and usually happens when the condensate drain becomes clogged.   Bacteria builds up in the line over time and causes the clog.  If your unit has a safety switch, it will turn off to prevent the condensate water from dripping into your home.

If your a/c unit does not have a safety switch, then the condensate water will back up into your a/c unit and cause problems.

It can even back up into the duct work causing odors.

Having your a/c unit maintained on a regular basis will often catch problems in the early stages before things get too far.

Regular air conditioning maintenance for your home or business will save you money in the long run as your a/c unit will run efficiently and if a problen arises it will be caught early and resolved before more damage is done.

RDS Air Conditioning has a very affordable maintenance package to keep your a/c unit in Southwest Florida running in tip top shape all year long.