Simple Summer Air Conditioning Savings

3 Jul
hot summer sun

Summer heat can be unrelenting but you can still stay cool without breaking the bank

Record high temperatures hit Southwest Florida in late June, and some health experts say 2014 is one of the worst allergy seasons ever so many will be using their air conditioning much more than usual.

Here are some simple summer-specific tips that can save you money on your electric bill and keep you healthier.

  • According to State of Florida energy experts, you can save 15% to 25% just by using ceiling fans with your air conditioning and turning your thermostat to 80 or 81 degrees. You’ll get the same indoor temperature as the recommended 78 degree setting.
  • Don’t kick start your air by dropping that ideal 78 degree temp mark as many are tempted to do. It can almost double your energy bill for that time.
  • Get in the habit of closing all shades and drapes during the blazing heat of the day, and turning off lights when you leave a room. Less light equals less heat.
  •  Move your favorite foods, the ones you take out the most, to the front of the fridge. Less cool air will escape the less time the refrigerator door is open.
  •  Change your air conditioning filter once a month. It will add to energy efficiency, and help with allergies.  Some people prefer to use a hepa filter as it will remove more allergens from the air.
  • Have your a/c ducts cleaned for energy efficiency and to help reduce allergens.
  •  In summer rainy season, yards grow faster and trees lose branches with heavy rains. Clear debris often around your a/c unit for maximum performance. Two feet of clear space is recommended.
  •  Plant shade trees to keep you cool outdoors and shade your roof, but don’t plant them too close to your air conditioning unit.
  • Get out the caulk and weather-stripping to stop air leaks around windows and doors.
  • Check your clothes dryer vent and clean the lint trap or filter often. Make sure the vent is blowing the most hot air and moisture out-of-doors.
  • Use your microwave as much as possible versus your range or oven to keep as much heat as possible out of the kitchen.
  • Never use the “fan” setting on your thermostat. Use “auto” for lower electric bills.
  • Most importantly, get your a/c unit checked and maintenance work done regularly for peak performance.

Be Safe when Outside in the Summer Heat

Watch for signs of hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is defined as elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation that occurs when a body produces or absorbs more heat than it dissipates.

There are three main types of hyperthermia:
– Heat syncope – Sudden dizziness when active during hot weather.
– Heat exhaustion – The body losing the ability to keep itself cool.
– Heat cramps – Painful muscle tightening in stomach, arms or legs.

If you feel any of these signs, get indoors to the cool air immediately and seek medical attention if severe.

It is better to complete outdoor tasks early in the morning or later in the evening when it’s not as hot.

RDS Air Conditioning specializes in maintaining and servicing a/c units and are experts at air conditioning repair.  They will even clean your air conditioning ducts and dryer vent.

Serving all of your air conditioning needs in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers.

RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor. Lic. #CAC1816713. Don’t settle for less, Use RDS!


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