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How Humidity Affects You and Your Home – What You Can Do…

23 Aug
humidity in your home

What is humidity? How it affects you and what you can do.


You’ve all heard of the old adage, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

In certain areas of the country, including Southwest Florida, humidity is at a record high.

What is humidity? Simply, it is a quantity representing the amount of water vapor in the air.

Humidity is measured in two ways:

1) Absolute humidity:

The percentage of water vapor actually present in the air.

2) Relative humidity:

Divided by the amount of water that could be present in the air, plus temperature.

Often expressed by weathermen, relative humidity of air is a function of both water content and temperature, expressed in percents.

In more simple terms, how comfortable you feel, in regards to how the temperature relates to that vapor.

Humidity and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners function to cool homes by removing heat and moisture from the air. When humidity levels are excessive, they have to work significantly harder.

That means a/c wear and tear, and higher electric bills.  Plus, you just don’t feel comfortable.

Common Signs of High Humidity in your Home

What are the signs?

* Actually, your skin will give you a clue – Does your skin feel moist or “clammy”? It is a key sign of high humidity.

* Feeling warmer than it should – Ideally, the thermostat in a home should be set between 71 and 78 degrees. This is optimal in terms of comfort and cost. However, this range won’t produce truly comfortable results if humidity levels fall below 50 percent.

* Foggy windows – When humidity is present, it is due to vaporized water in the air. When it becomes bottled up in your home, it may fog up the windows.

* A musty odor – Excessive humidity causes dampness around the home, something you CAN smell.

Damages from Humidity

Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity. and can cause costly damage to furniture, electronics, cabinets and more.

Air Conditioners and Cooling Capacity

Bigger isn’t always better. People often assume that the larger and more powerful an air conditioner, the more effectively it is in cooling and controlling humidity.

That’s not necessarily true. If your air conditioner’s capacity is much larger than needed, it won’t be able to remove moisture as effectively and humidity levels will remain high.

Why? More powerful air conditioners don’t need to run as much, so they don’t get a chance to remove as much moisture from the air. This is why it’s crucial to buy an air conditioner that suits your home.


Servicing your air conditioning unit is critical to battling humidity. At minimum, filters should be changed monthly, an easy do-it-yourself. Full services should be yearly or bi-annually, and can be set up with maintenance agreements that will save you money in utility costs and help you battle humidity.

RDS Air Conditioning specializes in checking and servicing a/c units and is expert at installation, maintenance and repair. Maintenance Agreements are semi-annual and affordable.  RDS even offers an A/C Protection Plan.  Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers.

RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor. Lic. #CAC1816713. Don’t settle for less, Use RDS!

The Move to Wi-Fi “Smart” Thermostats Ultimate Convenience and Cost Savings

10 Aug
wifi thermostat

Use Sensi App to connect thermostat to Wi-Fi Router

For optimum comfort, performance and cost savings, forward-thinking air conditioning companies are now offering Wi-Fi controlled thermostats. It’s the newest trend in a/c and heating, with a host of benefits.

These are remote systems, accessed from your smartphone, tablet or PC. They are perfect for those on the go, and who isn’t these days?

Here are some key benefits of the devices:

  • WiFi thermostats are simple to use and simple to install. They also work without Wi-Fi as a standard thermostat.
  • Energy cost savings are real with less wasteful heating or cooling of an empty home. Preferred models maintains room temperature to within +/- 1°F, and room temperature display can be recalibrated up to +/- 5°.
  • You have the ability to control multiple thermostats with one account, from multiple smart devices.
  • Most offer multiple schedules, to pick from with a single touch, even more convenient if your schedule varies often.
  • For the mechanically minded, no “C wire” is required for most applications. And some models operate on only 2 “AA” alkaline batteries. No additional accessories/gateway are
  • On-screen displays tell you everything home or business’s cooling or heating, even keeping up with the local weather.
  • Current Room Temperature
  • Current Room Humidity
  • Local Weather and Conditions
  • System & Fan Modes
  • System Status (heating, cooling & standby)
  • Current Day’s Schedule
  • Next Program Schedule Change
  • Location and Name of Thermostat
  • Automatic Day Light Savings Time Adjustment
  • Key systems like the Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat monitor humidity as well, which keeps you comfortable and can protect your property from the harmful effects including household damage. This is especially important in Southwest Florida, which has been experiencing record high humidity levels.
  • Your a/c company’s contact information is stored right in your Smartphone or tablet if service is needed, even more convenience.

Many models are Energy Aware Qualified and include warranties. Ask your a/c expert about specifics on their systems.

RDS Air Conditioning specializes in new a/c installation, a/c maintenance, a/c repair, and anything that has to do with your home or business a/c unit.  They also install thermostats including the Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Serving all of your air conditioning needs in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers.

RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor. Lic. #CAC1816713. Don’t settle for less, Use RDS!