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What To Look For – Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements

14 Oct
Choose the right a/c maintenance agreement

Having an a/c maintenance agreement can save you money and prevent a/c down time.

It has happened to many of us. Your air conditioner breaks down after business hours, at night or on the weekend.

You find yourself waiting for a repairman in unbearable heat, and paying an exorbitant amount for service in overtime or off time.

One of the biggest benefits of some maintenance agreements include no astronomical overtime charges. If you have the right contract, you can get more benefits than you may think.

Different air conditioning companies offer different services and benefits in their maintenance agreements.

What to look for in a Maintenance Agreement:

– Frequency

Some individuals, especially those returning after being away for the season, opt to have their air conditioning equipment serviced once a year. More frequency, such as semi-annual maintenance, can keep your equipment always clean and running at full capacity.

Air flow is a primary issue. Dirty screens become clogged with debris, which blocks air flow. Better air flow makes for more efficiency, healthier air and lower utility bills.

– Level of Service

Some companies offer status as a priority customer, preferences with maintenance and service, plus discounts for additional systems. Different discounts on labor and parts may apply for additional systems at the same location as well as no overtime labor rates.

– Humidity

When your air conditioning system isn’t working at full capacity, or stops working altogether, heat and humidity build quickly.

Air conditioning systems not only cool a home or business, they also remove humidity. Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity. High humidity, mold and mildew can cause damage to furniture, electronics, cabinets and more.

— Addition to Property Value

Besides prolonging the life of your unit, some agreements are transferable to a new owner, something you can offer if you wish to sell.

– Specific services to look for in a quality maintenance agreement:

  • Cleaning of outdoor a/c coils
  • Cleaning of indoor evaporator coil
  • Cleaning and flushing condensate drain line
  • Placing anti-bacterial tablets in drain pan
  • Lubricating motors and contactors if needed
  • The checking of electrical connections, overall operation of equipment and power consumption on outdoor unit
  • Checking for proper temperature drop (cooling) and thermostat operation
  • Visual inspection of equipment
  • Replacing or cleaning air filters
  • Discounts for additional systems at same location.
  • Discounts on labor and parts for service calls and repair plus the waiving of overtime rates.
  •  Agreements should include all material needed to complete these tune-ups.

Some companies, such as RDS Air Conditioning, also offer a more comprehensive A/C Protection Plan. This can include parts and labor in the event of a breakdown, and if the system requires replacement, the unused balance will be credited to use towards a new unit.

RDS Air Conditioning specializes in servicing, repairing and installing a/c units for residential and commercial clients.  Maintenance Agreements are semi-annual and affordable. Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers.

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