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You May Not Be The Only One Living on Your Property!

17 Feb
Ants in your a/c unit

If your a/c unit looks like this, hopefully it is not too late to do something about it.

With the the continued winter storms causing freezing temperatures in northern states, living in Southwest Florida (SWFL) just keeps getting better.

Although you may enjoy your property in SWFL, there are others you don’t realize who may be enjoying your property too!

Florida with its warm weather and levels of rainfall is very attractive to the ant.

In Florida, according to AntWeb, there are 221 ant species and they enjoy a variety of outdoor nesting locations including rotten logs, leaf litter, tree limbs and all types of soils.

Although ants seem to enjoy living in natural habitats, they often take up residence in man made areas as well.

Your air conditioner is a man made item that you see as keeping your home cool, decreasing humidity and circulating the air in your home but ants view your air conditioner as a luxurious hotel ready for them to move in!

Ants are always seeking moisture and warmth so they love to form nests on your a/c unit’s coils because that is the perfect place to find both. Ants produce enzymes that can corrode coils and cause your a/c unit to leak plus they can ruin other components.

Usually, you will not notice ants living in your a/c unit until damage is already done.

Once ants take over your a/c unit and cause extensive damage, your a/c unit may need to be replaced leaving you with a big expense. There is a way to reduce the chance of ants destroying your air conditioner and that is with regular a/c maintenance.

With regular maintenance, the components inside your a/c unit are checked and cleaned so if there are any ants living inside your air conditioner, they will be found.

RDS Air Conditioning offers a comprehensive affordable maintenance package to keep your a/c unit running at full capacity and if there are any ants residing in your air conditioner, they will be found!

RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor – Lic.# CAC1816713

When is it Time to Upgrade your Current Air Conditioner? Use These Tips to Help you Decide!

6 Feb
new and old air conditioners

Upgrade now and avoid headaches later

Although it is still very cold in most if the northern states, Southwest Florida (SWFL) has the perfect weather.

Season 2015 is in full swing in SWFL and our seasonal residents are enjoying the warmer climate and beautiful beaches.

In a few months season will be winding down as it grows warmer in northern states and SWFL’s seasonal residents will be heading north leaving their Florida homes for the summer.

Summer months in SWFL include sweltering heat and high humidity,  Although people will be leaving, their home will remain here in these hotter temperatures. This is where your air conditioner is very important because everyone leaves their a/c unit running all summer long to help combat problems from arising including mold and mildew.

It can be difficult if your air conditioner breaks down during the hot summer months and you are in another state because you will have to make decisions on repairing or replacing your unit while out of town.

A great way to help avoid this problem is by having your a/c unit serviced just before you leave or replacing your a/c unit before leaving for the summer. So, how do you know when it is time to replace your a/c unit and not just try to repair it?

Use these tips to know when it is time to replace your current a/c unit:

  • If you notice your a/c unit is not cooling as it should or if some rooms in your home are warmer than others.
  • Do you notice your air conditioner is making strange noises and these noises continue even after being repaired.
  • Your a/c unit keeps breaking down and requires frequent repairs.
  • If you have an older a/c unit it can have problems then stop working completely plus older units are less efficient.

Upgrading to a new higher efficiency unit before leaving town will help ensure that your home will stay cool all summer while you are away and when you return next season, your new a/c unit will keep you cool all season long plus you can enjoy it for years to come.

With over 25 years of experience, RDS Air Conditioning has a great reputation providing a/c services for many SWFL home owners and business owners.

If you need a/c repair, a/c maintenance or a new a/c unit installed, RDS Air Conditioning will provide excellent work at a reasonable price and fantastic customer service.

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