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Common Summer A/C Issues that Can Affect Your Business

27 Apr
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Regular a/c maintenance can help deflect a potential disaster for your business.

A commercial business heavily depends on its air conditioning system, especially during summer months, to keep its employees and customers cool and comfortable.

As a business owner, you usually have no control over how many windows are in your establishment plus these windows tend to be large.

So, your a/c system has to work harder to keep the building cool.

Use these tips to save money on the cost of cooling your business:

  • Have your thermostat checked – Although your thermostat may appear to be working, it may not be working efficiently so ask your a/c contractor to check it out. An inefficient thermostat can cost you hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Change your a/c filter regularly – If your a/c unit is running continuously, your filter may have to be changed as much as 3 times per year for proper air quality and to help keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently.
  • Regular maintenance – Scheduling regular maintenance for your a/c unit will ensure it is working properly. If your compressor starts to drag, your a/c unit will have to work harder which will cost you more in cooling costs. Also, to reduce the risk of shorts in your electrical system and for increased safety, regular a/c maintenence is important.
  • Inside and outside must be maintained – Both, the inside and outside parts of your a/c system need regular maintenance to keep the whole system running efficiently. The outside part (condensor) can accumulate dirt and debris from being outside all of the time and parts needs regular cleaning which are completed during a maintenance visit.

If you notice an increase in your electric bill, it is a big possibility that there is something going on with your a/c unit.

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Not Feeling Well? Maybe Your Workplace is to Blame!

15 Apr
man having allergies at work

If you have been suffering at work – this may be the cause.

Most of us go to work everyday and there are a large variety of workplace settings.

Each workplace has its unique environment but one thing they probably all have in common is allergens.

Anything from pesticides to solvents and cleaners to harmful gases and mold spores can be lurking in your work environment.

Although you may not be able to see these things all around you, they can still be there and affect your health.

Did you know that if a co-worker owns a pet, they can bring the pet’s dander to work with them and then you become exposed to it.

If you experience a stuffy nose, dizziness, headaches, burning/itchy eyes, sore throat, fatigue or other symptoms, allergens in your workplace could be the cause.

Clients or customers who visit your workplace to do business can also be affected by allergens lurking there.

So, what can be done to help improve and keep the air quality in your workplace as free as possible from allergens and contaminants?

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your workplace is well ventilated
  • Have regular maintenance done to your air conditioning system/s
  • Quickly address any leaks, dampness or high humidity
  • Cleaning people should use environmentally and people friendly cleaning products when cleaning your workplace
  • Have an air purifier installed to reduce odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold bacteria and viruses

Providing an allergen free workplace for your employees can result in better productivity and less sick days used plus clients or customers will be able to breathe easy when visiting your business.

RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor – Lic.# CAC1816713 and can install The Air Knight REME air purification system right into your current air conditioning and heating system air ducts where many of these allergen problems start.

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