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10 ways to keep cool when going to sleep if you have no air conditioner

27 Aug
woman sleeping in bed with no ac

Nothing beats an a/c unit working at full capacity…but if you are ever caught in the heat with no a/c these tips can help you stay cool.

Central air is a beautiful thing…Push a button and your home cools down rather quickly. But… What happens when you have no a/c unit or one that is broken?

How can you keep cool in the sweltering heat?

Here are 10 ways to keep cool if you have no a/c:

1. Buy a hot water bottle, fill with water, freeze, then keep the water bottle close by to stay cool all night.

2. Use cotton sheets on your bed plus wear loose fitting cotton pajamas as both promote ventilation.

3. Use a damp sheet or towel as a blanket.

4. Sleep alone. When you sleep next to another person their body generates heat which will only make you feel hotter.

5. Drink water before going to bed to stay hydrated.

6. Take a cool shower before bed which will wash away sweat and reduce your core body temperature so you can go to sleep feeling nice and cool.

7. Keep the lights off to reduce heat in the room.

8. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window so as the breeze blows through, it will cool down the room.

9. Sleep on a bamboo mat or straw bed as these raw materials do not retain heat.

10. Buy an air conditioner or have your broken a/c unit fixed.

If you are tired of dealing with the heat or an a/c unit that isn’t cooling properly or would like to upgrade from your current air conditioning unit, there are some things to consider¬†before deciding to purchase a new a/c unit.

Make sure you really need an new a/c system. Often, your current a/c unit can be repaired to help you put off the expense of buying a new one.

RDS Air Conditioning can often repair your existing a/c unit and if a new system is needed, will help you choose the most cost effective and proper air conditioning system to fit your needs.

Call RDS today to have your a/c system repaired, replaced or for routine maintenance.

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