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Is your Home Sick and Making you Sick Too?

3 Sep
sick home

Your home may be harboring mold, mildew and bacteria without you even knowing.

What makes a home sick?

According to the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, a sick house is a house with a serious air quality problem.  A source of the problem could be your air conditioner.

Mold and spores can grow in your a/c duct.  Exposure to these spores over time can cause allergies and symptoms including headaches, skin disorders, watery eyes and fatigue.

Florida has a humid climate and if there is moisture in your a/c duct, this becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow in your a/c system.

When bacteria and mold are in your a/c duct, it spreads throughout your home via your air conditioning system and anyone in your home is exposed to these pathogens.

What can be done to make a sick home healthy?

  • Have your ductwork cleaned to remove dirt, mold and bacteria
  • Use a good a/c filter and change it regularly
  • Install an air purifier in your a/c unit to filter the air

If you or a family member is experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may want to consider having your a/c system checked out.  RDS Air Conditioning will check your a/c system and with our maintenance package, we will add safe, non-toxic anti-bacterial tablets to keep bacteria out of your a/c system.

If you want to have an air purifier installed or would like more information, contact RDS Air Conditioning.  Don’t Settle for Less, Use RDS!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

28 Jul
air conditioning maintenance

Stay cool by maintaining your air conditioner

Air Conditioning maintenance is extemely important here in SW Florida.

One of the most common calls we get is “The air conditioner is leaking water”. This usually happens when the condensate drain is clogged. Over time the bacteria builds up in the drain line and clogs it. If there is a safety switch it will turn off the a/c unit and prevent the condensate water from dripping or getting into your home.

If there is no safety switch installed, the condensate water will back up and cause other problems with the a/c system.

I have seen the condensate water back up into the air conditioner duct system. This can cause odors and air leaks in the supply ductwork. Routine maintenance can help find these problems and correcting them can keep your system working for years to come.

Don’t settle for less, choose RDS.