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Is Your A/C Filter Doing a Good Job?

22 Nov
hepa filter

Do you think all a/c filters are created equal?

Air Conditioning Filters

Having an air conditioning filter and changing it regularly is extremely important. Filters are responsible for removing dust, allergens and contaminants that are constantly entering your home.

There are a variety of filters including standard, pleated, electrostatic, electronic and HEPA. These filters will remove dirt, dust and other particles that will not only leave air pure and breathable, but will also prevent damage to your air conditioning system.

A standard air conditioning filter has cardboard frames and consists of spun fiberglass. It filters large particles better than small allergens and contaminants. The standard only removes 10 percent of airborne pollutants, is very inexpensive and must be changed every month.

Pleated air conditioning filters are manufactured by folding the filter material back and forth. They are better and have a larger surface area than standard air conditioning filters. They cost a little more, but it’s worth it. The pleated air conditioning filter removes 25 percent more particles in the air than the standard air conditioning filter and only needs to be replaced every 3 months.

The next air conditioning filter is the electrostatic filter.  This filter uses filter media that attracts contaminants with its built in electric charge. These filters remove 90 percent of particles in the air, but are more expensive than the standard and pleated air conditioning filters. The price starts around $30.00, but can reach up to $100.00 or more. Just like the pleated air conditioning filter, you only replace it once every three months.

Electronic air cleaners are similar to electrostatic filters but more effective.  They use a fan that catches up to 95 percent of particles and are usually recommended for people that cope with allergies.

The last filter is the HEPA filter or High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter and it lives up to its name.  This filter is able to trap up to 99.97 percent of contaminants and particles including pet dander, dust, smoke and fiber. It easily traps particles that are 1/300th the width of a human hair, which makes it the most effective filter of them all.

If you want the best and purest air, it is obvious that HEPA would be the best decision. Surprisingly, most of the population is using the Standard filters that barely take contaminants out of the air. Having a filter is very important for you and your air conditioners health. Remember what you breathe into your lungs goes inside, so use a filter that will effectively clean your air, protect your air conditioner and won’t damage your health.

To help purify the air in your home or business, RDS Air Conditioning can install an air purification system right into you’re a/c duct that can reduce microbes, dust, odors and dangerous VOC’s by up to 99%.