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Bet You Didn’t Know that Common Dust and Dirt Can Cause this to Happen…

20 Oct
Before and after of a dirty and clean air conditioner

Maintenance and a clean unit = Better cooling/heating and a longer life for your a/c unit.

Dust and dirt is something that if you found in your home, you would probably clean it up right away. Dust and dirt are not always visible especially when it comes to your air conditioning unit.

Did you know that from your air conditioner running, dust and dirt accumulate in certain areas inside that affect its efficiency?

If left alone, this dust and dirt buildup can cause your a/c unit to lose at least 5% of its efficiency each year. This means a dirty air conditioning unit will not keep your home as cool plus it must work harder to do its job.

You may not even know that your a/c unit is in need of cleaning until it becomes less efficient, you notice your home is not as cool, your electric bill increases or your unit breaks down.

Having your a/c system cleaned and maintained regularly will increase the life of your air conditioning unit and save money on your electric bill because it will be running much more efficiently.

Regular cleaning and maintenance also includes changing your air conditioner’s filter. A helpful tip is to use a permanent marker and put the date on a new a/c filter when you change it out then going forward make sure to change it on time (when you hold the filter up to the light and can’t see through it or it starts to look dingy and dirty). When you keep track of  the dates for a few months, you will have an idea of how
often your filter needs changing.

Most people don’t know exactly how much time there is between filter changes. Keeping track for a few filter changes will let you know exactly how often you need to change your filter and then keep changing it on time to help extend the life of your a/c unit and keep it running efficiently.

Your home or business environment (if you have pets or are in a high traffic area etc…) will dictate how often your filter needs to be changed. If you need hard to find filters for your a/c unit, when you find a place that sells your type of filter, stock up so you will have them on hand for when your filter needs changing.

If you are a seasonal resident returning to Southwest Florida, your a/c unit probably has been running all summer long and is now in need of cleaning and maintenance.

RDS Air Conditioning has been cleaning, maintaining, repairing and installing air conditioning units in SWFL for many years. Give us a call today and we will service your a/c unit.

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Is Your A/c Unit Protected Against Power Surges?

21 Sep
a/c surge protector

You protect your computer, television and many other electrical appliances in your home but are you leaving something out?

Many people do not think twice about adding a power strip surge protector to their home to protect computers, televisions or many other electronic devices.

Most of these items cost well under $3,000 but an expensive item in your home that is not often protected against power surges is your air conditioning unit.

Basically, a power surge is a spike in the electrical current in your home. Although it is very brief (1/1000 of a second), it can still cause damage to anything in your home that runs on electricity.

Most power surges are caused by lightning but they can also be attributed to faulty wiring or appliances (dishwasher or refridgerator).

Appliances use a lot of energy to start up and shut down which can interrupt your home’s steady electrical flow.

Power surges can degrade the wiring and components in your a/c unit, cause a/c interruptions plus damage and reduce the life of your air conditioning system.

An easy thing that you can do to protect your air conditioner from power surges is to have a surge protector installed on your a/c unit.

A surge protector works by shunting the voltage to ground. A good ground is imperative. Also, it must be installed properly. It is important to have an HVAC contractor install your a/c unit’s surge protector to make sure it is installed properly for correct operation.

Florida has about 1.4 million lightening strikes per year so there are many opportunities for power surges.

Contact RDS Air Conditioning to have a surge protector professionally installed on your a/c unit to protect it against power surges. RDS Air Conditioning is a Certified Florida Contractor. Lic. #CAC1816713.

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Do You have a Leaking Air Conditioner?

8 Jun
clean and dirty a/c units

How do you want your a/c unit to look and run? An efficient a/c unit costs less to run.

Summer is right around the corner and especially in Florida, the heat can be relentless.  The cool comfort of an air conditioned home or business provides quick relief from a sweltering Florida summer day.

So, what happens when your a/c unit starts leaking?  Will that jeapordize your comfort?

A leaking air conditioner is a common complaint and usually happens when the condensate drain becomes clogged.   Bacteria builds up in the line over time and causes the clog.  If your unit has a safety switch, it will turn off to prevent the condensate water from dripping into your home.

If your a/c unit does not have a safety switch, then the condensate water will back up into your a/c unit and cause problems.

It can even back up into the duct work causing odors.

Having your a/c unit maintained on a regular basis will often catch problems in the early stages before things get too far.

Regular air conditioning maintenance for your home or business will save you money in the long run as your a/c unit will run efficiently and if a problen arises it will be caught early and resolved before more damage is done.

RDS Air Conditioning has a very affordable maintenance package to keep your a/c unit in Southwest Florida running in tip top shape all year long.

Your A/C Unit Needs Spring Cleaning Too!

3 Mar
half cleaned a/c unit

Don’t forget: Spring Cleaning for your A/C unit too

Air Conditioning Cleaning

March 20, 2013 is the first day of spring and we have survived another Florida winter. Although milder than most of the country, we did experience a few very cold days (compared to the usual for our area). Many of our seasonal residents will be leaving soon so this is a great time for your air conditioner’s annual maintenance service.

Most of us have been switching between cooling and heating (depending on the temperature outside) and now that spring is almost here, we will soon be running the a/c almost every day. There are many parts to your air conditioning unit that need to be cleaned and checked to make sure your a/c unit will work properly all summer long.

There is nothing more uncomfortable then your a/c unit not working when it is the middle of the night or weekend and it is extremely hot outside. If you sign up for the RDS Maintenance Agreement, you will receive priority service if your a/c unit stops working and we will give your a/c unit a tune up and cleaning that will prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and keep it running efficiently.

If you will soon be closing up your home and going north, this is the perfect time for an a/c maintenance service so that everything can be cleaned and tuned up before you leave.

Here are some reasons for a regular a/c maintenance routine:

Regular maintenance keeps your unit functioning at full capacity

Regular maintenance (once or twice a year) can help avoid major expense or having to replace an a/c unit altogether (a little TLC goes a long way)

An a/c unit will burn more electric if not running efficiently and a check up will make sure your a/c unit is not using more electricity then what is needed

Air conditioning maintenance only needs to be done once or twice a year to allow you to enjoy an efficient running unit all year long. Don’t wait until you have a/c trouble that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Don’t settle for less use RDS!  Visit our website.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

28 Jul
air conditioning maintenance

Stay cool by maintaining your air conditioner

Air Conditioning maintenance is extemely important here in SW Florida.

One of the most common calls we get is “The air conditioner is leaking water”. This usually happens when the condensate drain is clogged. Over time the bacteria builds up in the drain line and clogs it. If there is a safety switch it will turn off the a/c unit and prevent the condensate water from dripping or getting into your home.

If there is no safety switch installed, the condensate water will back up and cause other problems with the a/c system.

I have seen the condensate water back up into the air conditioner duct system. This can cause odors and air leaks in the supply ductwork. Routine maintenance can help find these problems and correcting them can keep your system working for years to come.

Don’t settle for less, choose RDS.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

28 Jun
As you know, air conditioning in South West Florida is an absolute necessity. Without it our homes would be unbearable.

Not only do we need the air conditioning to cool our homes, but it also removes the humidity.

Not to mention, high humidity in your home can cause damage to furniture, electronics and cabinets.

Mold and mildew thrive in high humidity. When your air conditioning system stops working, the heat and humidity build quickly. Every time your system turns on, it moves a lot of air through its coils and this moving air brings dirt and debris along with it, greatly reducing the efficiency of the system, making it work much harder.

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system will reduce the likelihood of a break down. A complete and thorough tune up will keep your system working efficiently and at full capacity making your home cool and comfortable. Also, routine maintenance of your A/C system can reduce your electric bill and increase the lifespan of your system.

Humidity Control

Before and after cleaning an air conditionerHumidity Control in SW Florida is very important, especially for the part time resident. Electronic thermostats available today combine temperature and humidity settings, so humidity can be controlled more effectively.

This eliminates the need for the old mechanical humidistat and separate thermostat. Now is a good time to get this type of thermostat installed before the hot weather returns!!

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