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Leaving Town for the Summer? Not So Fast. You must do this First.

8 Apr
clean and dirty a/c units

Point to the a/c unit that resembles your own.  If you chose one from the top row, call us asap!

In a few months, summer will arrive to Southwest Florida along with hot weather and increased humidity.

If you haven’t been keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance, when the hot weather arrives, you may notice noises or hot spots in your home caused by an overheated motor and/or dirty coils in your a/c unit.

If nothing is done about dirty coils and a malfunctioning motor, your a/c unit will continue to become less efficient over time (losing 5% per year).

So, what happens when an air conditioner runs at less than optimal efficiency?

  • Your electric bill will be higher because your unit will work harder thus using more energy.
  • Your a/c unit may need to be replaced sooner since it is working harder, the unit and parts wear out faster.
  • The air quality in your home is greatly affected by the cleanliness of your a/c unit and filter.
  • A small problem that is not fixed early will usually turn into a more costly problem. With regular a/c tune-ups, problems are caught early before they have a chance to escalate and cause more damage to your a/c unit.

If your a/c unit stops working while you are away, and the heat and moisture build in your home, mold can start to grow. There is nothing worse than returning to SWFL after the summer to find your home full of mold.

There are ways to prevent this and one way is to have your air conditioner serviced before leaving for the summer to help prevent breakdowns or less than optimal cooling. Regular maintenance is like a doctor visit for your a/c unit and a good air conditioning check up should be at the top of your “to do” list for preparing to close your home for the summer.

Seasonal residents have the best of SWFL weather during winter months but the sweltering summer when you are out of town is the time when things can go wrong.

An ounce of prevention is surely worth a pound of cure.

RDS Air Conditioning has a nice maintenance package to help keep your a/c unit running efficiently all year long. RDS is also offering an A/C Protection Plan that will save you money now and also if your a/c unit ever needs to be replaced.

Don’t settle for less, Use RDS!
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