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History of the Air Conditioner

22 Apr
Willis Haviland Carrier

Air conditioners have become more efficient over time

Did you know that the air conditioner has been around since 1902? It was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier who was an electrical engineer.

There was a paper company (Sackett Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company) in New York and during the summer they had a humidity issue where their paper stock would absorb moisture and there was difficulty with the ink application on the paper.

Carrier came up with the idea to have the air in the building pass over chilled pipes which decreased the humidity in the building and fixed the moisture problem in the paper. An added benefit with this system is that beside eliminating the moisture problem with the paper, it also lowered the air temperature in the building.

Carrier saw the huge potential in this new technology and it wasn’t very long before air cooling technology spread to stores and theaters where patrons could shop or watch a show in cool comfort during summer months.

The air conditioner was first called an “Apparatus for Treating Air”.  It wasn’t until 1906 that Steware W Cramer (who owned a textile mill in North Carolina) coined the term “air conditioning”. The technology behind the air conditioner has not changed very much over the years except major strides have been made with making air conditioning run more efficiently.

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