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Learn the Link Between Disease and the Temperature in your Home or Business

15 May
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New research is showing how with the touch of a button, you can improve your health.

Many of us here in Southwest Florida are concerned about our health so we try to eat right, exercise and reduce stress. You don’t often hear about your environment being part of this healthy living equation.

There are some health conditions that are prevalent in our society like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. According to NIH (National Instituites of Health) metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems (such as diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer).

Metabolic risk factors include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Triglyceride levels (type of fat found in the blood)
  • Low HDL (good cholesterol)
  • A Large Waistline (apple shape)
  • High Fasting Blood Sugar

As human beings, we naturally produce about 100 watts of heat energy just from our basic body processes like pumping blood, digesting, breathing, and bio chemical reactions.  As mammals, our bodies can maintain a comfortable core temperature of 98.6 F (unlike reptiles who are the same temperature as the air around them).

The average adult’s thermoneutral zone (most comfortable temperature) in a climate controlled environment like one with air conditioning is 64.4 – 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This means within this temperature range, the average healthy adult body can still maintain their core temperature without needing assistance (warmer clothing etc).

Many of us spend our time either at home or in a building working where our environmental temperatures are usually set by a thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable and constant (it doesn’t change).

New research shows a link between metabolic syndrome diseases and a comfortable constant environmental temperature. When the human body stays in a thermoneutral environment the body needs to produce little heat to maintain core temperature.

There is a positive link between fluctuating environmental temperatures (throughout the day) and metabolic syndrome. Slightly increasing temperatures in winter and decreasing them in summer just outside of our comfort zone, can have positive affects on our metabolic health and when coupled with diet, exercise, proper sleep, exercise etc, our overall health.

Having a programmable thermostat installed in your home or business will allow you the flexibility to program temperatures in different areas (zones) in your home or business.

RDS Air Conditioning can install a programmable thermostat in your home or business plus assist with ac repair, maintenance or replacement. We are standing by ready to help with all of your air conditioning needs. Don’t Settle for Less, Use RDS! GiveSensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat, us a Call Today.




New Technology for the Home Thermostat

13 Jul
Home thermostat

Control your home thermostat from anywhere

Technology never ceases to increase and develop. Things that were new yesterday become old quickly as upgrades and new advancements occur in a short period of time. Since the air conditioner and home thermostat were first invented, we see dramatic changes. It is amazing to think of the first air conditioner and home thermostat compared to today’s new models­­.

Companies are constantly trying to find ways to come up with “The Next Best Thing”, but they are also in pursuit of new things that meet our entertainment and social cravings or “needs”. Consumers always desire to have the best and newest technologies.  For example, remember when 8 tracks and cassette tapes were all the rave.  Most wouldn’t even think of using those now.

Many people prefer to use new technologies as they are introduced. Instead of using a standard thermostat that requires you to change the temperature manually, you can now change it remotely by internet or mobile access. This technology can save you energy, money and time. Let’s say you go out to dinner and you turn the temperature in your home up before you leave, you can now set your desired temperature on your phone and it will be set for when you reach home.

RDS Air Conditioning can install us the next best thing in home thermostats. This system, Evolution Control, is a complete system control in one unit that simplifies home comfort by giving you a single access point with intuitive programming for all the Evolution System components you may have.

Amazing features and specs:

  • Perfect Heat- Technology capable to minimize temperature fluctuations
  • Perfect Humidity– Technology capable for optimal cooling comfort
  • Hybrid Heat- system management capable (Allows gas furnace/heat pump system combinations for best heating efficiencies.)
  • Humidifier, ventilator, air purifier compatible
  • Four levels of fan speed control programmable by period
  • Remote access- Internet or mobile access optional with system access module

The Evolution Control is a thermostat for home that makes your heating and cooling conditions more manageable and comfortable at the same time.

Contact RDS Air Conditioning for more information or if you would like to have a new remote access thermostat installed in your home.