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Do You Know What Happens if Lightning Strikes Anywhere Near Your A/C Unit?

25 Sep
lightning and your a/c unit

Florida is well known for its lightning storms. Is your a/c unit protected?

Living in Florida is great as we have the perfect weather in fall and winter, summers are hot but many people are a close drive to the beach and you can always find a pool to “cool off” in.

Another thing that goes along with living in a tropical climate is storms. Florida is well known for having rain storms with lots of thunder and lightning.

Last year in Southwest Florida there were over 330,000 lightning strikes. Lightning as it streaks across the sky can be exciting to watch but lightning can also cause damage to electronics, appliances and even to your air conditioner.

A power surge can damage your a/c unit’s compressor, burn wires and fry the fan motor. A lightning strike does not have to hit your a/c unit directly to cause damage. A nearby lightning strike can damage your a/c unit.

Often, in cooler winter weather people in Southwest Florida will turn their a/c unit off and open the slider or windows to enjoy the cooler air. When lightning damages an air conditioner during this time, the owner may not find out there is a problem for a few weeks if they have not been running their a/c unit.

A good way to prevent power surge damage to your a/c unit that can be costly to repair is to have a surge protector installed on your air conditioner. A surge protector will protect your a/c unit from power surges during a storm.

Many people have a busy life and having a surge protector installed now will give you peace of mind as it will be one less thing you have to think about when a storm hits and creates a power surge.

Call RDS Air Conditioning to have a surge protector installed to protect your air conditioner from power surges.

If you haven’t had your a/c unit checked in awhile, RDS Air Conditioning has an affordable maintenance package to get your air conditioner tuned up and ready for the season.

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