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Think You Need to Buy a New A/C Unit? Don’t Get Hot Under the Collar, Keep Your Cool!

7 Jun
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A new a/c unit is a big expense but don’t make that purchase until it is absolutely necessary.

June 21, 2014 is almost here and we will soon be enjoying the sweltering days of summer, or maybe not.

Most of us do not find comfort in 90 degree weather unless we are spending time at the beach or by the pool.

When you are home and your air conditioner either stops working or is not working properly, the heat from the lazy days of summer can become unbearable.

Replacing an air conditioning unit is a big expense but is eventually necessary as nothing lasts forever but before you purchase a new a/c unit, be sure the old one truly needs to be replaced.

Here are some signs that your current a/c unit may be ready to retire:

  • Temperature inconsistencies – Some rooms in your home are too warm while other rooms are too cold.
  • Your a/c unit is over 10 years old – The average life of an a/c unit is about 10-15 years.
  • Your electric bill is increasing – Your air conditioning unit is becoming less efficient.
  • Too much humidity in your home – Your a/c unit is probably not be working properly.
  • Excessive repairs – Your a/c unit keeps breaking down and needs frequent repairs.

At RDS Air Conditioning, we find that very often, an air conditioning unit can be repaired rather than replaced.

An honest and knowledgeable a/c service provider will tell you when it is time to get rid of your old a/c unit and install a new unit in your home and when it is not worth trying to make repairs.

Whenever you purchase a new air conditioning unit you can expect:

  • To save money right away. You will notice a decrease in your electric bill as an efficient running air conditioning unit uses less energy.
  • You will also notice that all rooms in your home will cool more evenly (as long as the duct work is correctly installed).
  • You will only have to concern yourself with changing the air filters and having your a/c unit maintained twice a year and not deal with break downs or worry about repairs.

Everyone who owns a home with an air conditioning unit and lives there for a length of time, will eventually have to purchase a new unit.

The key is in knowing when your a/c unit truly needs to be replaced or when a repair can hold off that purchase for another year or two. Don’t spend the extra money on a new a/c unit until it is truly┬ánecessary.

At RDS Air Conditioning we will never tell you to replace your a/c unit unless we feel it is absolutely necessary. We even offer an a/c protection plan to maintain your a/c unit and if it ever breaks down and needs to be replaced, we will reimburse the unused balance.

Don’t Settle for Less, Use RDS!